Clouder Net

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The Clouder Net is a network of spacefaring nomads.

These nomads live in saucer-shaped habitats called "clouds" and are interconnected with each other by a common quantum entanglement network. The members of the Net vary; any form of sentient life (including artificial intelligence) are allowed to join.

Many members of the Clouder Net are whiros allying with, but not part of, the Whirosian Central Empire.


The Clouder Net was first established in 100 BCETT as a breakaway civilization of whiros who deemed the Whirosian Central Empire's establishment as a "descent to savagery":
We didn't expect our people to descend into savagery through the establishment of this so-called Central Empire. We are now declaring ourselves as nomads, breaking from the main civilization. We are the Clouder Net.
Eventually, these whiros would experience a "heel face turn" where many of them began to re-ally themselves with the Empire, but decided not to join them due to their traditions.


The Clouder Net is bound into a code of ethics:

  1. We are a collective of eternal spacers
  2. We roam the space to praise the eternal Whole
  3. We as a collective whole are not affiliated with anyone, although any of us can independently ally with them
  4. Each of us should help each other

Originally this Code was planned to have another entry prohibiting its members to visit any planet. This entry was cancelled before the Code's enaction as some of the founding members of the Clouder Net objected to it, arguing that some of the members might need to extract resources within planets to restock their saucers.