Interstellar Co-Prosperity Sphere

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Interstellar Co-Prosperity Sphere
Flag of Interstellar Co-Prosperity Sphere
CapitalHome System 2 (de facto)
Member polities34 polities, including 12 Terra Primal polities
GovernmentFederation of interstellar polities under the influence of the Whirosian Central Empire

The Interstellar Co-Prosperity Sphere is the official term for the sphere of influence of the Whirosian Central Empire. Despite the Empire's high influence, the Sphere actually consists of polities that are quite independent.

The Sphere itself is the results of the Integrations the Empire has done over time.



The Interstellar Co-Prosperity Sphere was simultaneously announced with the First Integration Campaign, as the Whirosian Central Empire became expansionist to gain allies for its battle against the Intersolar Corporation of Species.


Member polities

There are a total of 34 polities in the Sphere, including 12 originating in Terra Prime:

Terra Prime-originated

These polities are full members of the Sphere following the Empire's withdrawal from Terra Prime.