Mechanical Alliance

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The Mechanical Alliance (formerly and still better known as the Nuttegian Mechanical Alliance) is a civilization inhabited by the several mechanical lifeforms including the humanoid nutteg. It was one of the first voluntary members of the Interstellar Co-Prosperity Sphere, which it joined in around 1750 CETT following a decision due to the nutteg's threats from the rhyze. It shortened its name, dropping "Nuttegian", 14 years after joining the Sphere, as it begins to find more "allies," especially mechanical ones.

Labour atrocities

The Mechanical Alliance is used to be one of the more cruel civilizations in the Sphere during the former's peak of extent. This was due to its treatment of natives in the areas it occupied: many natives of the areas the Alliance occupied reported to the Sphere government the Alliance's use of forced labour, which was immediately responded by dispatching a secret intelligence force observing work conditions. Their report was published in 1920 CETT, leading to a coup d'état by "pro-Empire" factions in the Alliance in 1921 CETT and the eventual independence of many of the occupied areas (many of which joined the Sphere).