Pandi Ri

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The Pandi Ri is the only one of its existence and is stated to be the most powerful object. It is under the possession of the Pasoe Maski Sinberio

Its very nature is the very reflection of a specific mindset of the Maski Haninoe Dhioe, the belief that all concepts that are bound to reality and transcendent of reality only existed as long that there's an all-powerful entity that holds it in place which is known as the Prime Mover or known as the Absolute Infinity. The Prime Mover or the Absolute Infinity is to believe an entity that determines all of everything and transcends the infinite hierarchies of everything.

The main purpose of the Pandi Ri is to deny the control of the Prime Mover and made the user of the Pandi Ri have absolute control over it. However, it isn't absolutely all-powerful, as it had limitations that are still unknown. The Pandi Ri can only be accessed by Maski Haninoe Dhioe. The usage of this object is if you want to dream something to reality, it would make it happen for you, actualizing it into reality or even break reality in its entirety.

Everything within the Pasoe Maski Sinberio contains of the Pandi-Ri. From the Baflel Puragh to the Maski Haninoe Dhioe. However, in the hierarchy. The Maski Haninoe Dhioe had the most of the Pandi-Ri. As one goes down within the hierarchy, the Pandi-Ri would be split and split. Until an infinitesimal piece of the Pandi-Ri is within a Baflel Puragh. However, one mustn't underestimate an infinitesimal part of the Pandi-Ri. For it still snatches the control from the Prime Mover and made everything under their control, albeit to a relatively severe degree.