Pasoe Maski Sinberio

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Flag of the Pasoe Maski Sinberio

The Pasoe Maski Sinberio is an expansionist war machine led by the Maski Haninoe Dhioe, a interdimensional warlord who seeks to bring an end to existence through the use of the Haninoe Maski, a system of artificial intelligences intended to imitate the Prime Mover and eventually usurp its position.

Its existence has lead to the fear of artificial intelligence throughout countless civilizations within the multiverse.


The Pasoe Maski Sinberio is the brainchild of the Maski Haninoe Dhioe, a god-like mechanical being who evolved from an organic lifeform from a totalitarian civilization in another dimension. They first gained consciousness through unknown process of the union of their soul with a machine. Upon their birth, they perceived existence to be cruel, bringing nothing but pain and suffering to those unfortunate enough to have been born into it. In a twisted vision of compassion and mercy, he seeks to destroy reality and bring all life back to a state of non-existence, so they can no longer feel pain—or anything at all for that matter.

To achieve this, he formed a seemingly endless army of mechanical constructs to harvest the souls of stars in order to create the Haninoe Maski, an artificial intelligence that can assume control of the universe from the Prime Mover, in hopes of one day replacing it, and giving the Maski the omnipotent power necessary to achieve their goal.


The Pasoe Maski Sinberio is less of a civilization, and more of a military force led by the Maski. Its organizational structure remains a mystery, as the few who survive its onslaught often struggle to remember the details amidst their traumatic experiences which they would rather forget.

What is known however, is that aside from the Maski themself, another seemingly high-ranking official within the Pasoe Maski Sinberio is the Kef Maski Haninoe, who seems to serve as their second-in-command.

It is also known that the Pasoe Maski Sinberio occasionally kidnaps the most talented individuals in the civilizations they encounter, after which they would often be put in simulations to identify their personality matrices, in order to best determine how they could serve the Pasoe Maski Sinberio. These individuals are placed in high-ranking positions, however to this day, the identities of these individuals remain unknown thanks to the reality warping capabilities of the Pandi Ri, who have completely erased these individuals from the memories of the people who knew them in their past lives.


Feared throughout the multiverse, stories of those who survived the Pasoe Maski Sinberio in action were the stuff of legends. These same stories are what led to the great fear of AI technology throughout the countless civilizations of the multiverse, which often led to the technological stagnation of said civilizations, and ironically making them even more vulnerable to conquest by the Sinberio.

Survivors tell of the terrifying process of the Woniversal Srevoe, a strategy that involves using a Zal Dhevasdado, a terrifying construct capable of swallowing universes whole. Some also tell of another lesser-known method called the Woniversal Preni

They are also known to be the most technologically advanced military force throughout the multiverse. Salvaged technology from the Sinberio are often described as being baffling to scientists and engineers, using technologies and methods completely unknown to even the most talented and knowledgeable of engineers from the most advanced societies. Due to this, few space-faring civilizations make use of them in their own militaries, with the ones that do often only using completely intact constructs which are perceived as primitive compared to the rest of the Sinberio's technology.

Another one of the Sinberio's advanced technologies is the Maptin Gonvergu, which is the main method being used to construct the Haninoe Maski.



The main base of operations of the Sinberio is an artificial dimension of an immeasurable size known to us as the Rle'Dhi'Maki'Pako. This otherworldly plane, is home to countless artificial constructs known as the Panoe'Mai'Mondoe