Whirosian Central Empire

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Whirosian Central Empire
Flag of Whirosian Central Empire
CapitalHome System 2
Official languagesWhirosian Basic
Demonym(s)Whirosian, Imperial
GovernmentSemi-federal elective monarchy under a "totalitarian" fascist one-party state
• Prime Commander (Gunhweld)
Sundrathal Baldr
LegislatureImperial Order Assistance Movement
Driving sideleft

The Whirosian Central Empire is a fascistic, expansionist and rapidly expanding interstellar empire centered on the Orion constellation. Its capital is Home System 2, the second planet orbiting Alnilam (native name: Home System).

The Empire is known among known space civilizations of the Main Dimension as one of the most totalitarian and expansionist civilizations of known space, second only to the Intersolar Corporation of Civilizations. Traditionally peaceful, the namesake whiros species established the Empire in around 100 BCETT citing "fears of incorporation of our lost colonies in which we are reconnecting after the loss of our original homeworld", and it began to expand, integrating many species into their Interstellar Co-Prosperity Sphere.



The whiros were originally a peaceful civilization. Originally living in the Aldebaran star system, the original homeworld of the whiros was naturally destroyed in around 550 BCETT, in an event known as the Deluge. At the time the Deluge happened, the whiros controlled 33 colonies in some 27 star systems. They were disconnected simultaneously from the main whirosian civilization due to the centralized nature of the communications between the main civilization and its colonies. However, most of the inhabitants of the original homeworld survived the deluge by means of evacuation "arks."


The whiros decided to move to Orion, and eventually landed in the second planet orbiting Alnilam. A mass reconstruction project was undertook, which was needed to reconnect their former colonies. There they decided to establish a Whirosian Combine, projected to be a federation of whiros civilization and its colonies.

The First Attack and Formation of the Empire

The first attack towards the fledgling Combine by the Intersolar Corporation of Species happened in 850 BCETT. It costed the Combine the loss of two colonies. As an investigator tasked to investigate the attack and eventual loss of the colonies reported,
...It was worse than I thought ... our people are being treated like literal cattle, being whipped and enthralled... I couldn't describe it by words...
By 150 BCETT about ten of the 33 colonies were occupied--enough for the Combine leaders to decide a state of emergency. Eventually, on 100 BCETT, the leaders, led by "first among equals" Agund Finn, declared that the Combine "can't wait no more." He declared the establishment of the Whirosian Central Empire (the "Declaration") and the Imperial Order Assistance Movement, becoming its first Prime Commander.

The Integrations

In order to let other civilizations ally with the Empire was no easy task. In its meetings, the members of Imperial Transitionary Commission (a think tank founded immediately after the Declaration to prepare the transition from the Combine to the Central Empire) debated on how would the Empire find allies. They decided on establishing the Interstellar Co-Prosperity Sphere, envisioned as a mutual inter-civilization organization; however, they also decided that new allies would be made by invasions, which they call Integrations (as those civilizations would be "integrated" to the Sphere).


Prime Commander and Senate

It is being led by an absolute monarch called the Prime Commander (Whirosian Basic: Gunhweld). The Prime Commander is chosen meritocratically through the Imperial Order Assistance Movement. There is a senate within the Empire and in which is elected by the highest-ranking members of the Imperial Order Assistance Movement themselves. However, the first Senate members were anointed by the monarch of the Empire. The monarch, the Prime Commander would lead the Empire and the Senate for the rest of his life. If he dies, then the Senate would elect a new Prime Commander from themselves.


Outside the Home System, the Whirosian Central Empire strictly operates in colonial planets and temporary occupation areas. Colonial planets are planets settled by the whiros and has been designated as such; many of them originated from the pre-Move era where they were used to be empty before being settled. It also tend to be the polity administering temporary occupations of planets newly integrated into the Interstellar Co-Prosperity Sphere; many of them receiving much independence from the Empire after said period of occupation.


As of 2020 CETT the Whirosian Central Empire occupies 24 star systems, 9 ring habitats and two occupational territories.